How to Survive Standardized Testing Without Losing Your Mind

testing season

Anyone who knows me knows that I positively LOATHE standardized testing. I hate the pressure that it puts on students, teachers, and schools. I abhor how it’s used to judge academic achievement and punish schools that need the most additional resources. And most of all, I hate the expectation that teachers should put regular instruction to the side in order to prepare students for a test that is biased, unrealistic, and in the case of my home state of Texas, written two grade levels above a student’s reading level!

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How to Host a March Madness Book Tournament with as Little Effort as Possible

Obama Meme March Madness
I will not pass up the opportunity to use an Obama meme

Hosting a March Madness Book Tournament in your classroom is an easy (and free!) way to get your students super excited about the books they have read. You may have seen pictures floating around Instagram or Pinterest and felt overwhelmed or intimidated by how much extra work this type of activity might mean for you. However, I’m here to tell you that it really doesn’t take a lot of effort for a book tournament to be an exciting activity for your students.

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My Classroom New Year’s Resolutions

NYR blog post

New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you love them or think they’re lame, you can’t deny that they’re here to stay. There’s just something about the calendar changing that makes us feel like we get a fresh start and a chance to improve.

While I have my own list of resolutions for my personal life, I wanted to share two of the resolutions that I’m taking with me into my classroom. I hope that by publishing them here, it will be easier for me to hold myself accountable and stick to these goals, even when the semester gets crazy.

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